Spring Course Status


The course opened for play on 21st April. 

After an unstable winter with many freezing and thawing periods, and a cold spring, we unfortunetly suffered some winter damage. 

Greens in particular were hit pretty hard.

In an ideal world, we would have a dry, frosty period before the snow comes for the winter.  This would allow for the soil to have a higher air content and when the snow falls, it provides insulation and protection for the grass, while still allowing it to breathe. Unfortunately, this did not happen last winter. The snow did not come until the first weeks of January and there were many periods of freezing and thawing during the winter. This can lead to serious problems and from the information I have gathered, it certainly looks like the turf was weakened by this. 

With the temperature being an average of 2.4 degrees in April and 6.1 degrees for the first half of May, the recovery process has been slow. The soil temperature has been too cold to promote a strong growth .

As we come into the second half of May, the temperatures are rising and some life is beginning to come back into the turf. Fairways in particular are making a strong recovery. Tees and approaches are also moving along nicely. Greens will however, take a little longer to be up to the standards we are used to. We have sown all the damaged areas and I expect to see new grass coming through any day now. 

We will have to be a little careful with the maintenance of the greens over the coming weeks. New grass does not like to be cut too short. We will try our hardest to provide the best surface we possibly can in the meantime, but at the moment it is important we achieve full grass coverage on all surfaces. 

With some nice weather over the next few weeks, the course will have a good chance to be back to it's normal conditions soon. 

Best regards,

Jonathan Eccles
Head Greenkeeper

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